A Data Professional’s Story – PASS Summit 2016

Stepping back and reflecting is a good thing. We should all do that every once in a while

The SQL Professor

This year is different. Why? I’m not sure yet. There is a lot of reflection going on since my return from PASS Summit 2016. As I look at the long laundry list of “to do’s” to get completed in the office; this past PASS Summit reminded me to slow down and take a minute to breathe – to take it in so to speak.

The recap post you are about to read will be a bit different from my past ones; gone is the synchronous order of how each day went. Instead, this post will be more relaxed and share view points through my eyes on how I went through the conference in which I’ve come to have a strong passion for.

The Story

As you first come into Seattle it is very difficult not to see a lot of its natural beauty. It never ceases to amaze me when…

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PASS Summit 2016 Recap: Better Together — Ms SQL Girl

PASS Summit 2016 had a record-breaking of 6,000 registered attendees! This is one of the biggest conferences in the SQL Server community and now expanding to Data professionals. It was truly about connecting, sharing and learning. Below are my personal highlights from PASS Summit this year. The Keynotes We started Day 1 with Joseph Sirosh talking about A.C.I.D…

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I <3 SQL Saturday

I started attending SQL Saturday a couple of years ago even though I had heard about them earlier.  Who wants to give up a Saturday for work…right?  My attitude totally changed after my first SQL Saturday a couple of years ago.  What a concept!  I could not ask for a better way to learn about SQL Server and meet others in the industry than with a free, all day event.  I have been working with SQL Server for the last 20 years, but in most cases, I have been the lone SQL DBA.  I have not had a lot of chances to work with other DBAs, bounce ideas off each other, collaborate on setting up new instances,

This past weekend, I attended SQL Saturday in Colorado Springs.  From every SQL Saturday I have attended, I have taken away many ideas to implement or investigate further for my own environment.  This weekend did not leave me disappointed.

Not only do I bring back knowledge, I connect with others in the industry.  And I can’t call it an industry…it is a community, my community.  The SQ Server community is made up of so many people willing to help others, to mentor, and, if nothing else, point you in the right direction when you have something come up that you cannot solve.

SQL Saturday is so many things…a place to learn, a place to meet others, and a place to stock up on my pen collection.  While all of my friends will be out biking on a gorgeous Colorado day, I will be inside and I am ok with that.  That is how much I ❤ SQL Saturday.