These Women Inspire Me

Whether it is on Twitter, at a SQL Saturday event, or PASS Summit, I love meeting and talking with women in the Tech industry and hearing what they are doing and what new projects they have going.  Tuesday was the opening of the PASS Summit in Seattle.

The first event I attended in Seattle this year was the PASS Women in Technology Happy Hour & Networking event.  I don’t know if there is something in the SQL water, but these women inspire me.  I connected with women I have met with before as well as introduced myself to people I have seen on Twitter or know of, and I was not disappointed.    They are forward thinkers and they do not let obstacles stop them from accomplishing their goals.

They inspire me to push myself harder

They inspire me to not doubt my abilities

They inspire me to reach for my goals

These women amaze me.  They have different lives with different obligations, but they reach for their goals and they achieve.  They not only reach their goals, they exceed their goals.

One of the biggest things these women do that inspires me is that they give back.  They are busy with so many different things but make time to give back to the community.  This is not required of any of them, but each one makes time to work with others to help them reach their own goals.

The reason I come to PASS is to improve my SQL skills.  I learn from the experts and take new tips and ideas back to implement in our environment.  But on top of improving my SQL skills, I gain so much more personally.  I gain confidence in myself and my work.  These women inspire me.  Hopefully, one day, I will be someone’s inspiration.





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