T-SQL Tuesday #129 – SQL Community Time Capsule

It is time for another T-SQL Tuesday! Thank you Tammy Clark (t|b) for hosting this month. This month we are building a SQL Community Time Capsule.

I am contributing to the SQL Community Time Capsule my experiences from PASS Summit.  There are two parts to PASS Summit.  There is the conference itself and the time spent in Seattle outside of the conference.

PASS Summit is amazing and I love the conference, but some of my favorite experiences have been outside of the conference. Each morning, before the conference starts, and before most people are even awake, I run the streets of downtown Seattle.  It has become one of my favorite places to run.

Some attendees of PASS get together each morning and run at 6:00am.  I have joined the group on some runs.  It is a great place to meet people outside of the conference. 

I don’t run with the group every morning.  My favorite time to run in Seattle is at 5:00am.  Coming from Colorado, running in Seattle is so different.  There is usually a light mist, sometimes a light snow, or if nothing else, there is humidity.  I really love running next to the water.  There are the lights, the smells, and the sounds of Seattle.  It is amazing.  Running through downtown Seattle at 5:00am, you get to see the city wake up.  There are delivery trucks coming and going and not many people.  It is active but in a very different way.

I finish my run a few blocks away from my hotel at Top Pot Doughnuts.  This place is a PASS Summit tradition for many for different reasons.  I like getting there early in the morning and enjoying a fresh donut after my run.

I am going to miss running in downtown Seattle at this year’s PASS Summit. But all is not lost. I have rented a condo in the mountains of Colorado for the week of Summit. I still plan to get out and run at 5:00am. Instead of lights and water, who knows what I will see. All I know is there better be a good donut place nearby!

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