T-SQL Tuesday #89 – The times they are a-changing

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Koen Verbeeck (t | b). T-SQL Tuesday (#TSQL2SDAY) is a blog party founded by Adam Machanic (t | b). Each month a member of the community hosts the party and selects the topic for us to write about.  This month’s blog post about how we feel about the ever changing times within our technology space.

Technology has changed a lot in the past years, especially with cloud/globalization/automation. What an impact has this had on your job? Do you feel endangered? Or do you have more exciting features/toys to work with? Do you embrace the change and learn new skills? Or do you hide in your cubicle and fear the robot uprising? 


The times they are a-changing and a-changing and a-changing.  When I started working in technology, we programmed in BASIC and PASCAL and we used a mainframe.  My first desktop computer was a 286 with a 40MB hard drive.  I was so excited when I got a new 486 with an 80MB hard drive.  Today, I could not save many basic, simple files on that first desktop.

During my career, we have had Word, Word Perfect, Excel, and Lotus; pagers; fax machines; desktop and laptop computers; monitors that weigh a hundred pounds, color monitors and monitors that don’t weigh a hundred pounds.  Now we have virtual desktop computers, the cloud, and handheld devices (tablets and phones).  Sometimes I get a headache thinking about where we were and where we have come during my career but at the same time I am smiling.  It is crazy what I have been able to do over my career.

And then there is data.  Data rules the world and I don’t think we have even touched on the impact that data will have on society.  When I first started, data collection and data analysis was not cool.  That part of the industry was lumped in with math majors.  You were weird if you like data.  Now this segment of the industry is becoming more popular and I growing like hotcakes.  As companies continue to gather data, they find different uses for their data.  More storage = more data = more outcomes.

The times have changed, they are a-changing, and will continue to change.  If they don’t, Houston, we have a problem.  I embrace change and moving forward with technology.  This is a fluid industry.  My career has changed throughout the years as the industry has changed.  There is no reason I should not expect it to change in the future.  That is one of the reasons I love working in technology.  It is always changing, growing, and it pushes me to continue to learn new things.  It is amazing where we have been and where we are going.   Try to keep up!

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