Absolute Firsts

March is National Women's History month and I would like to share a blog I found that discusses some of the firsts for women in the technology field. https://rjlipton.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/absolute-firsts/


Women in Sports – A Few Stats

– Women’s teams account for 37% of athletic program operating expenses – Women make up 57% of college undergraduates but receive only 42% of athletic participation opportunities – Women account for only 42% of head coaches in women’s sports and 2% in men’s – Women hold 35% of all athletic administrative positions but only 19% […] …

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DR: Need it but don’t want to use it

So your boss asked for a copy of your DR plan. Once you've wiped that deer-in-the-headlights look off your face, you realize "We've got database backup.", isn't exactly a plan. You'll need to define what a disaster could be, document the business impact identify your limitations. So where to you start? Well, that's… via Creating a …

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